Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What I wouldn't give.....

....for a rheumatologist.  I live in no-rheumy land, and it kinda sucks.  One comes up occasionally, but my last appointment (a good year and a half ago) was incredibly brief and he basically slapped me on the hand for not taking enough meds.  I don't know about anyone else, but this method does NOT work for me.  I usually make do, I have a pretty up-to-date gp and I'm pretty savvy with getting myself ed-u-ma-cated.  But, sometimes you just want to talk to someone whose main focus is RA.  I have so many questions and concerns about getting/being pregnant with this disease.  I think I just need a lot of comforting right now.

Anyone else have issues with seeing a rheumatologist?


  1. We now know that I most likely had Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (would've helped knowing when I was young eh?) and the only time I recall feeling 100% healthy was when I was pregnant. Well except the fact I kept blacking out with both and respitory interuption with my son (as well as son having RI). I was passing out due to my iron dropping. When I was put on a nice high dose, I was good to go. The RI, no one can explain. He is 6'8" today and happy. It's good and God was at hand.

    Perhaps you'll have the same luck of abatement of symptoms. Have you googled it at all or gone to another message board at RA.org to read up. Might find some good facts there.
    Gentle hugs

  2. I'm definitely holding faith in that I will go into remission when I get pregnant. I have done lots of research, and the stats tell me I likely will go into remission, it's just nice to actually talk to someone, you know? It's somehow more reassuring.

    Sorry to hear about both you and your son dealing with RI. But, glad to hear that he is doing so well, and is incredibly tall!

    Take care :)