Saturday, March 13, 2010


Well folks, I am on a much needed vacation.  It's only for six days, but still.  I'm back in my hometown, fly-in only, where the pace of life is much slower.  I'm resting a ton, spending time with my sweetie, reading constantly, eating like a pig, visiting relatives, playing boardgames and enjoying the woodstove :)  On the days leading up to this trip I was in a pretty bad flare, and since I've been here I've felt so good.  I know that there are some other factors playing into this, but this really goes to show how much stress can negatively impact my health.  I've gone on a couple of short walks, and my wrists and thumb are functioning well.  I feel rested and somewhat in control of my body.

Why must vacation end??


  1. Glad you are feeling better! Flares SUCK - I especially like the eating like a pig part! haha...I always want to do that!

    Have fun!

  2. Sounds fabulous! Especially the reading constantly, resting a ton and eating like a pig – life should always be like that, with no harsh ramifications! Enjoy the rest of your vacay & I hope the good feelings continue...

    :) L

  3. Thanks! I always eat way too much when I'm home :) So much homecooked goodness, mmm....

  4. Hi, I came across one of ur posts on other website where I found ur blog. This is a great one. Needless to say I am RA and ttc. Am 27 & DH 33. But I do hv other issues like I underwent fibroid myomectomy surgery back in feb09 and we started ttc after 3 months. I had already stopped methotrexate in oct 08. Sadly we found out abt the fibroid later on. 09 has been hell of an year for me.
    Sorry the comment is really long. I felt very gud wn I saw a site just for ppl wid RA & ttc. SSBD to all!!!
    Well, I am planning to go for IUI after 3 rounds of clomid. I really donno whats up wid me. I thot I can get pregnant very soon but its been like 7-8 months now. Am on prednisone 5mg/day which I dont wann take for long. This is my story. I hope they find out some medicine for us which can be safely taken even during ttc. Its so hard really.

  5. Have fun in 'Let! All that wonderful coast air will do wonders for your RA, I'm sure. :D


  6. Stress is the worst! I just started flaring last week, my knees and elbows got the memo that I have new hips and went back to work!

    Hopefully, it will be a quickie flare. And I hope your arthritis stays in vacation mode.


  7. Hi berry kiss! You must have found me over at bnb :) I really hope that the iui works out for you, all of my digits/limbs/eyes are crossed for you :) You've certainly had a rough road. Thanks for reading my blog! If you ever need to chat about ttc with RA, then I am here for you!

    Hey Jenn! That flare had better go way real soon, so you can properly enjoy those new hips! I just read that you are out and about on some good walks? Awesome!

    Nadine, the coast air just saved my life :) Not to mention my family's cooking, of course ;) Love you girl!

  8. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm crossing my fingers (figuratively, of course) that your TTC attempts are quickly successful. Hopefully your relaxing vacation will help - enjoy!