Monday, December 3, 2012

Memories of Summer Vacation

A little late to the game, but I wanted to share some pics of my summer vacation to Quebec and my first real time spent in the U.S.!!  We spent a weekend in Hampton Beach, NH, a place that Dom often went for family vacations as a child.

First up: Montgolfiere International Hot Air Balloon Festival, that actually takes place in Dom's hometown, St. Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec.  I've never seen hot air balloons before and we were sooooo close!  It was pretty exciting watching them race to fill the balloons to see who would be up first.  This festival lasts all week long.  We only went to the field one day, but got other evenings of watching the balloons lazily drift while we dined outside.

Hampton Beach!!  This was quite possibly the most touristy spot I have ever been, ever ever.  But, for a weekend, it was awesome!  There were people everywhere, and as you can see by the photo below, we were right in on the action.  Within spitting distance of the beach, and right below me is the main road with countless shops and fish places (and ice cream places!).  We got some great weather (and I got some ridiculous tan lines), but during some rain/the evenings our time was spent in the arcade, playing game after game and feeling like kids.  Not pictured are my honey badger and Hampton Beach mug that we chose with all our winnings. 

Much fun was had here
 Domino and I the first day there.  We didn't get sun until the next day, but it was still nice enough to hang out for a while and test the waters.  My testing stopped at around knee level (it's amazing how weak RA leaves you - those waves wanted to destroy me, even in the shallow water), but some family were brave enough to dive right in.  I'm being brave with this photo as I am posting a shot of myself in a swimsuit in which you can see my scar (right hip)!

Lone swimmer.  Dom's final adventure into the water.

At one of the highest peaks in Green Mountain National Forest.  The mountains were breath-taking (as were some of the curves on the road!).  We decided to take our time driving back to Quebec to explore Vermont a little more, and I am thankful we did.  This forest is amazing, and we also discovered cute little towns with adorable (and delicious) cafes.  I wanna go back and explore more!

And finally, home.  Labrador is beautiful, too!