Friday, March 19, 2010

Heaven in a jar

So, I've been noticing all over the foodie blogosphere a little thing called coconut butter.  It's the meat of the coconut, blended up.  So many bloggers out there are using this and can't stop talking about it.  They're putting this nectar on absolutely everything. Now, I love me some coconut in all of it's forms and this looks like a goodie.  And, I SERIOUSLY wanted to try this stuff.  But, where to get it???  I live in Labrador for pete's sake!

Aha!  This is where Heather comes in, of this blog:  I've been enjoying her site, when lo and behold!  She decides to MAKE her own coconut butter!!!  Here is the link to her adventure:  Thank you HEAB!

So, I went to the grocery store today, picked me up some unsweetend flakes and went to town.  And, you have to go to town, and by that I mean blend the crap out of it.  I threw that stuff into my magic bullet and blended my butt off.  It was so worth it.  Oh my heavens, was it ever.  Folks, if you like coconut you have to try this stuff!  Anyone out there try coconut butter?