Friday, March 23, 2012

One Week

In exactly one week from now I should be (barring any delays) either in a recovery room or in my actual room at the hospital.  I am simultaneously freaked out and wicked excited.  It is high-time for this dysfunctional hip to go, high-time I tell ya.  It's causing me to live I life I do no wish to live: house-bound, inactive, and in far too much pain.

I can't help but get caught up in the minute details of it all: how am I supposed to get in and out of a car/bed when my arms are destroyed by RA?  How am I going to deal with all the damn stairs in my house?  What if my ass falls off? (I am not actually scared of this, it's in reference to my new favourite - though now inactive - blog by Arley McNeney, fellow Canadian and youngster hip recipient.  Part of her ass was literally unattached after surgery.  Seriously).

But, I have been promising myself the past couple of days to really focus on the positive.  I even have my own mantra, which I say aloud when my hip painfully grinds and pops its way into place:

"Smooth metal ball, shiny new socket.  Smooth metal ball, shiny new socket.  Smooth metal ball, shiny new socket".  Oh yes, smooth metal ball and shiny new socket, you will soon be mine!

Monday, March 5, 2012

March Updates

1. Tentative surgery date of march 30th.  Come on already!!  I need me a new hip, like, five months ago.

2.  Still not too bored, which is impressive as I have been off work since September.  I've learned just how much t.v. I can watch (a lot).  Fortunately I've recently challenged myself on a new website I've joined to read 30 books this year.  Which simultaneously sounds like a lot and not very much.

3.  Speaking of joining new websites, I've joined Pinterest (OMG, so addictive!!), twitter (less addictive), and Goodreads (take over my life why don't you?).  Social media much??

4.  I shaved my damn legs for the first time in MONTHS.  I don't really care, but it was pissing me off because I couldn't.  I got a wicked shower seat for my birthday that makes me a happier, and cleaner, person.

5.  Oh yeah, Dom broke his RIGHT hand a month ago, so we only have three good legs and three good arms between us.  And, I'm labelling my arms as "good" as I can technically use them: unlike my right leg and Dom's right hand.  It's been a real fun month.  We are a pathetic couple right now.  He had to travel by plane for surgery and everything.  With me as an escort. Yeah.

6.  We've had the best winter in a few years up here in Labrador.  And a good winter is here is lots of fluffy snow and blinding sun.  Except I rarely leave the house, never mind snowshoeing or ski-dooing.  And, with Dom's hand, the relentless snow has really made us rely on family and friends to constantly shovel us out.

What's new with you folks?  I'm a little out of the loop!