Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday, Monday

Blah, blah and flare.

So, after only having a one-day weekend (working on sunday) I'm back at work for a thankfully short week.  Having just the one day off has drained me beyond belief!  I cannot wait for that glorious four-day weekend to sleep and just plain relax.  And, maybe eat.  I like to do that sometimes, too.  And walk my dog, poor girl has only played frisbee in the backyard lately.  Though she did get to go ice-fishing yesterday.  Without me.  While I had to work on a sunday.  Is it ridiculous to be jealous of my dog?

Anyway, I'm noticing that my RA seems to flare a few days before my next shot of humira is due.  It's like my body has run out too quick, or something.  I wonder if this is just a coincidence, or if it is actually the case?  I had always assumed the reason I took the meds every two weeks was because it stayed in my system that long.  I suppose it is like any other med, sometimes they just don't cut it.


  1. Hey Pony! I'd be jealous of your dog, too!

    I seem to be getting sore the two days or so before my Enbrel shots. My friends have been joking that I need my "fix." Not sure what that's all about. Need to discuss with my rheumatologist when I see her next...

    Enjoy your long Easter weekend! May the Easter Bunny be good to you!

    :) L

  2. Yeah, a "fix" was definitely in order. Fortunately I took my shot last night, just waiting for it to kick it :)

    Enjoy your weekend, too, Laurie! Get lots of rest and enjoy some good treats!