Friday, October 22, 2010

What The Heck???

So, as I was talking on the phone and resting my fingers on my desk (bending them slightly backward) when I noticed a big lump on the main joint of my pointing finger.  I poked it and it hurt, I looked at the other hand, and it was lump-free.  People, I think I have my first RA nodule.  Well, not including this weird lump in my left elbow that may, or may not be, a nodule.  Who knows what's going on in there, I do know there isn't much joint left, but there must be some crap floating around.

Anyway, back to my finger.  I hadn't noticed it before today, and now it's the only thing I can focus on.  It feels weird developing a stereotypical symptom after 10 years of having RA.  Anyone else have nodules?  Do they hurt?  Could this be some other, foreign lump?


  1. Totally! I keep expecting some creature to burst out and go on a killing rampage :D

  2. eeek.. not sure! sounds lovely though, poor you! does it move freely with the skin or is it 'stuck' in one spot? the doctor's probably the best person to tell you if it is or isn't.

  3. Oh my goodness! I have a weird lump too that I just discovered. I am dying to know what my doc thinks about it. Mine is on my thumb (which was first joint to misbehave) on the top of the knuckle. It hurts when I poke it and the skin is slightly red where the bump is. Let us know what you find out.