Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Little Victories

I work at a Women's Centre that also has a thrift store at the back of the building (with it's own entrance on the side).  We frequently get people coming into the front offices looking for the thrift store.  And sometimes, just sometimes, people complain or feel the need to instruct us to put up a sign so they know where to go (when I politely inform them the store is around the back).

In a very non-rude, and friendly way I really, really love telling them that we do, in fact, have two signs out front (with an arrow and everything), as well as a sign on the side of the building.  Yup, people, we have the signs covered.  I get it when people don't notice the signs and come in confused.  But what strikes me as hilarious is when they come in and tell us to put up signs when there are three of 'em.  Total fail :)

And that is my pathetic little victory of the day.  Does that make me rude?  It's an internal victory.


  1. hehe this is indeed a pet peeve of mine! Hugs. Tammy

  2. I'm still giggling about it :) If the person is angry when they say it, it tends to bug me, but when they are bossy telling me, I think it's hilarious!