Monday, April 12, 2010

Workout Schedule? Moi??

So, I'm on an exercise kick, but am trying to be balanced and kind to my body.  When I first was able to start walking again, I started gradually increasing it to every day, and majorly decreasing my other workouts (atationary bike, leg lifts with weights, crunches).  However, I'm finding that going for walks every day is still pretty taxing on my ankle and I tend to not want to do anything else/be out of commission.  Also, though it hurts my ankle, it's not much of a challenge physically, if ya know what I mean.  It ain't gonna get rid of many of my jiggles.

So, here's my new plan.  I love walking.  I love moving in the fresh air, watching the doggie run around in freedom, being one with nature.  I'll go for a good walk one-day, then do my at-home work-out the next, and so on.  I hope I'm not setting myself up for failure by planning some form of exercise every day?  I hope that I'm kind enough to myself that if I am flaring, it's okay to just chill out at home for one day and not quit totally.  I hope.


  1. I try to exercise everyday and feel guilty if I dont..but it is hard when your joints are frozen! How are you pony? I hope you are feeling better. I to think walking is the best exercise for us with RA - I just HATE the dreadmill, I mean treadmill! Why does an hour walking outside fly by but an hour on the treadmill seems like 5?

  2. Sounds like a plan! Let us know how it far my exercise experiment seems to be pretty good... Wish I had prettier places to walk right outside my door the way you do! :) L

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  4. Sheesh, I had a comment written and I have no idea what happened to it? Weird.

    Anyhoo, things are good thus far. Course, thus far has only been about a week :) I woke to a flare in my hands this morning, but they got better later in the day, fortunately. Got in a good walk today, too :)

    How are you doing these days, Judy? I, too, get bored with indoor work-outs. If I'm on my bike I'm either watching a dvd or chatting with my sweetie. Go nuts if I'm not doing something. Time just drags.

    Laurie, I completely love where I live. The remoteness and the beautiful nature and quiet. But, I crave good restaurants and wonderfully stocked grocery stores. Toss-up, I guess. I do get to travel out for work, and so does my boyfriend so we can replenish our cupboards. It's funny to think that the biggest shopping we want to do when we get out of here is to a grocery store!

  5. MIxing up the types of exercise you do is a great idea, Pony. I don't know about you, but exercise just bores the heck out of me, with the exception of walking. That I DO enjoy, and there are always new things to see as the seasons change, even if the routes don't. LIke you, I have a hard time sticking with exercise, but the more I read about RA, the more clear it becomes that exercise is just vital. I wish you the best of luck with it, and I hope your ankle will cooperate with you!

  6. Hey Wren :) As much as it annoys me sometimes to exercise, I just feel so good after (even when I'm sore). I know that I have to keep doing it. My ankle got so weak and unbalanced for a couple of months that it really unnerved me. I constanly felt like there was a potential to fall. I feel so much stronger now, thank goodness! I guess it helps that the majority of snow and ice is gone :)