Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Long Weekend Loveliness

I don't know who St. George is, but I'm thanking that old dude for having a day and giving me a long weekend :)  We had some pretty decent weather, did a little work outside, had fun and spent some money!  I even went for a hike.  A proper, in the woods, up a muddy, snowy, slushy hill hike!  It felt wonderful to be that far out of town again.

One of the things we did was work on the raised gardens, building a mini-greenhouse for the tomatoes and such.  Okay, okay, I didn't really work on this (though I did hold some wood while Dom cut it!), mostly I just picked up all of Fran's garbage, chewed up toys, etc. (she's a messy dog!).  Here she is in all her cuteness:

Yup, we do still have some snow!  Actually, it's impressive that this is all we have for this time of the year.  It went quick.  With our early arrival of spring, I cut some pussy willows (anyone else find this name totally ridiculous?  Maybe it's just common around here) for decorating:

But, best of all is that after over a year of moaning and complaining (from my side only), we got a new couch and loveseat!!!  I absolutely hated the ugly thing that came with our house, but always felt like we couldn't justify buying something new.  After doing our taxes, and me getting a raise (yay me!), we decided to splurge!  Okay, so we may not actually have that money in our hands yet, but it is coming (I hope!).  Here is a pic of the new furniture, and a pic of Fran and I enjoying it:

I just realized how long it's been since I put up some pics!  Must be cause I never take 'em.  Anyway, all in all, a great weekend.  Even though we're now broke :)

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