Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Why do I suck at blogging so much lately? Hmm, there must be something new that I can write about.....Maybe I'll write a list of new/interesting things in my life:

1. I did a suicide intervention training, then 4 days later had a conversation with someone was thinking of suicide! Let me tell you, it went nothing like the class and the 90's demonstrative videos in it. Nothing. No worries, the person is perfectly safe and is doing fine. But, my gawd, the irony.

2. Went to a friend's second wedding! Actually, it was more like a second reception for all the folks stuck in Labrador who couldn't make it to the actual event. We got to do lots of socializing, eat good food, watch a wicked slide show and I even got to feel a baby rolling around! Thanks Jen!

3. I'm learning that I am really quite boring. Lame.

4. Oh! But my French class is progressing! For example: Nous somme le 27 janvier. That's right, it's the 27th of January!

That is all for now, please refer to number 3 for reasons why.


  1. I feel your pain. I am feeling great and having a wonderful week of the same old crap. Life is dull this time of year isn't it? I hate ruts and it seems as though I am in one. Work has been soooooo flippin' quiet too. Which is good for those in the community I suppose, but boring for us here at work. I have been daydreaming of summer and time spent on the river. Hope things up there are going good.

  2. Oh my god!!! I cannot stop thinking about summer, and camping and road trips! I do love winter, but ours has been a pain in the butt! Rain and slippery, and lots of wind. Sigh. I feel like I am in this waiting time zone.

    On a positive note, the humira seems to be kicking in pretty good:) Super glad to hear that you are doing good too, though bored like me!

  3. You are not boring, okay? They do say the third/fourth week of January is the one when people feel lowest. I can't wait until spring, when all the snow is gone and green things start popping up, making everything pretty and good-smelling.