Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jumping on the bandwagon

So, as usual I have been trolling through some of my favourite blogs and am noticing a theme. Many folks are doing recaps of their past year. Now, this gave me a realization this morning, as I sit here reading and drinking my (mostly) decaf coffee: perhaps this is an exercise I should also engage in. With my focus (read: obsession) with having a baby, and all of the positive things that will come from that, I forget the amazing things that have happened this past year. Here are some of my highlights:

1. We bought a house!!! I just realized that we moved in a year ago yesterday!!! I love this house dearly, but with my new ankle issues, I'm struggling a little with it being a split-level. But, that was part of the appeal for me, several sections, but each not too far away. Loves ma house.

2. My in-laws came up to Labrador for the first time! We had a great visit, did some hiking, built a deck, ate a lot of bbq, introduced our families, generally an awesome time :)

3. Spent lots of time with great friends. Always essential. Critical, even.

4. I got appointed on the Provincial Advisory Council on the Status of Women. Aside from just being awesome in general, this appointment gives me the opportunity to see my bestest in St. John's. Who has a mini-bestest that I like to poke :)

5. Road-trip!!! In two weeks we covered about 5000 km, 5 provinces, 5 ferries, saw lots of wildlife, ate obscene amounts of seafood, got a flat in the middle of nowhere and I slept in a tent with my cutie :)

6. I stopped mtx!!!! Gimme a high-five! No, don't do that, it'll hurt my wrists. Let's do it mentally. This one makes me supremely happy for a couple of reasons: baby-makin' and no more grossness.

7. Family for Christmas!! My in-laws came again, this time with my brother-in-law and his girlfriend (from Mexico!). It was touch and go whether we would actually get snow for them to play in, but Mother Nature pulled through :) Ski-dooing, hikes, snowshoeing, sliding, it was an exciting time to be at our place :) Nothing better than a full house for Christmas (this is especially awesome when you own a split-level).

8. We decided to have a baby :) AND, being told by an ob/gyn that I am healthy enough to have a baby, despite my RA. That was my all-time fear. That appointment was pretty magical for me :)

I know that waaaayyyy more things have happened over the past year, and I am probably forgetting some pretty important ones. However, this is what is in my head right now. I know I am always wishing time away, and that is not cool. It's good to just live in the present, after all, it is where you are right now. Sometimes, though, it is good to do some reflection, to see where you came from.

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