Tuesday, January 5, 2010


.....with fertility blogs. Or rather, infertility blogs. Totally, completely obsessed. I think I am just preparing myself for the worse. It's been inspirational reading about all of those women who have been trying for sooo long and finally get pregnant, and those that are still struggling with infertility. It is truly amazing how strong women can be. I'm thanking all of those women for being so brave and for sharing their stories. I believe in the power of support and knowing you are not alone.

Oooh, and though this may be tmi for some, I got my period today! That means my cycle is getting pretty much on track after stopping bc. So, I've been bbt-ing it and even have a opk. Not wasting any time over here. And I may also be having fun with acronyms :)

One of my favourite blogs, thus far:


  1. Well, I know two years doesn't sound like a lot in comparison to some stories I've read, but I'll tell you it certainly feels like a long time. A and I have vowed to make love every day until I get pregnant. (Wheee!!!!)

  2. I love you sweetie :) No good comparin', cause it's your time, your life :) Your two years of wanting and waiting....

    Making love everyday??? This is something I can get behind ;)