Tuesday, August 3, 2010

She's Alive!!

I'm totally back from vacation (like, a week ago), but can't seem to get off my bottom and write a post about it (complete with pictures!).  We had a blast, and as my ankle us way better than last year, I got to do way more activities (including hiking the International Appalachian Trail!!!).  I just felt like doing this lame post 'cause I haven't posted in about a month. 

I promise I will do a proper post about vacay (complete with pictures!!)  really, really soon.  Soon.


  1. Welcome Back!! Glad to hear vacation and hiking were a success and arthritis behaved itself!

    Can't wait for photos!

    Jenn Z.

  2. WELCOME BACK and glad you found your trip delightful. Isn't it great when hindered by our bodies we realize we can a step better than a day before. Good for the ankle!! Can't wait to see your trip in pictures. Hugs. Tazzy

  3. Awesome stuff! Welcome back, can't wait to see the pics :)

  4. You have once again inspired me to get off my duffer and write as well. Hoping this finds you doing well. Where along the IAT were you hiking? I spent some time on the AT in Maine this summer. Catch up with you soom chica!

  5. Thanks bloggie-friends!! I still have some major catching up to do with all of you, and I must say it's nice to have such a warm welcome :)

    Mike! Welcome back, again! Glad to hear I inspired a post from you, at long last :D We were road-tripping/camping in Gaspesie, Quebec, where the IAT extends (not to far from Maine). I did a couple of different (short) hikes on it while there :) Gotta say that I am beyond happy to have achieved that goal!

  6. Ummmmm and by the way....where are the pics from the vacation?