Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Totally Shallow

This is awful of me, but as I was out walking tonight (at a decent pace, I must add) an elderly lady with a hunchback passed me.  As in, walking faster than I was.  Admittedly, I was on the end of my walk, my ankle was a-killin' me, and this lady was motoring, but still.  Is it terrible of me to be a wee bit upset about this??  That an elderly lady with a hunchback passed me????  I'm only 31 for pete's sake!

Her calf muscles were killer.

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  1. That is the problem with this disease, just because you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't devastating in some way on any given day. I do that sometimes too. Specially when you hear of little ones with cancer or lukemia... very hard to see. No ill will wished on of those diseases mind you, but, they are curing cancers at awesome rates. Still no good meds for our diseases (RA & Lupus for me). Little things matter. What mattered, is you have compassion in the face of your own pain. That is what I got here. Hugs. Tazzy