Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Oink Oink


I feel so conflicted in so many ways regarding H1N1. For one thing, I feel that there is way too much hysteria and scare tactics surrounding this. However, I also feel like it shouldn't be taken lightly, that there are individuals who will be seriously impacted by this. I don't know if it will be any worse than the "normal flu" that happens every year, but why take a chance?

I've decided to get the vaccine. I'd been wavering back and forth about whether to do it or not, but have made the decision to go ahead and get it. With my compromised immune system I could be taking a serious chance if I do contract it.

It's bothering me that there are some people who are aggressive either for or against the vaccine. Just because I have made the decision to get it doesn't mean that I think anyone else should or should not. My big beef recently has been with those who don't see a need to take precautions, not necessarily for themselves, but for those around them. Why scoff at cleaning commonly used things such as doorknobs and phones? How does taking precautions during this time harm them? Especially when there are folks such as myself, and much worse, who are more subject to getting it, and cannot fight it off like most?

I get that people are tired of hearing about it. But these people are also commenting on it on Facebook, and in general conversations. Why perpetuate it? If you are sick of it, just leave it alone. It will pass.

On a better note, my boyfriend is a smarty-smart pants who is rocking his Master program :) He makes me feel happy and swine-free :)

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