Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blargh!! And Rowr!!!

Ew, ew, ew, methotrexate sucks!! I can't wait to be done with this vile medicine (for you four readers who don't know, it's a low-dose chemo)! AND, I just realized that I am only weeks away from stopping it! Gimme a woot!

I took it last night, and already feel a mouth sore cropping up. Yuck. And ow.

So, soon, no more nausea, mouth sores, med induced fatigue (I'm guessing fatigue is a part of my life, not just from meds), and having to drink gallons of water to flush it through my system. I do like water, but it's overwhelming to drink so much when you feel icky.

For my dose of positivity to get me out of this methotrexate fog, I have another physio appointment this afternoon :) I think it will basically just be me telling her that I love my ankle brace. Did I mention that I love my ankle brace? Cause I do. Here are some pictures that make me happy:

We grew sunflowers in our backyard! Really!:

Cute boy with yummy fish. Life does not get better:

She never looks straight at the camera! It's a little dark, but isn't she cute?:

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