Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Weather Lady Edition

I'd like to think that my blog has not resorted to a weather blog.  I mean, I love the weather, but I don't really want to write about it.  But, sadly, this is not the case.  I am going to write about it.  It's consuming me at the moment!  I have other, more interesting things I could write about.  Like how yesterday was my sweetie's birthday and our dog ate about a quarter of the cake I made for him.  Or how we've started fertility testing.  Or just how much sugar I have been consuming.  But, no folks, I'm going to continue to rant about the weather.

I hate it.  Plain and simple.  Apparently, the other day, it was 7*C here and 4*C in Miami.  Just to give you a better idea of where we are in relation to Miami, have a gander at this:
You can see where Happy Valley - Goose Bay is on the upper right part of North America and where Miami is on the lower right, and just how far away they are from each other.


Having no snow blows.


  1. Oh dear... think we've really stolen all of yours! Sorry

  2. And we're Canadians, dammit, we're supposed to be living in igloos, for god's sake!!

  3. I KNOW, LAURIE!! Especially me, I'm Inuit for pete's sake :D

    Squirrel, I'm still planning on coming over there with a shovel!

  4. I would build an igloo with you any day, Pony! And we can sit in it and eat pies!!! :) L

  5. :D It's a plan! However, we may need to go to the southern states to find snow and ice, cause there is no igloo building happening here! In the North. Where there should be plenty by now. Man, I've got to stop complaining about this, I'm driving myself nuts!