Tuesday, December 7, 2010

All I Want For Christmas....

...(aside from a baby, that is) is some freakin' snow.  Even just a light dusting.  I live in northeastern Canada and it was sunny and 10*C yesterday.  Seriously.  December 6th and it was significantly above zero.  Last year we were out on ski-doo getting our christmas tree around this time.  Looks like this year we'll have to borrow my mom's truck to get one.  I'm somewhat getting into the mood of the season, but still get confused seeing all the houses lit up with no snow.  At first glance I think, "why are they decorated so early??"  And then I have to remind myself that it's not early.  Christmas is just around the bend.

I don't want a green christmas, not in Labrador!  If you see someone moving funny and flailing her arms, dont' worry, that's just me doing a snow dance.  Please send all your good snow vibes my way!


  1. Ehhhhh...you can have ours!!!! Scotland is SO bad, it's -14 C in Glasgow just now which is crazy, we never get this cold. I was off work 3 days last week cos the office was snowed in and I got stuck at work yesterday and had to spend the night there haha. And tomorrow it's a snow day again so staying home. No public transport, people stuck in their cars on the motorways. It's madness.

    Really pretty though :D and I put up my tree last week! So yeah..feel free to take some of it ;)

  2. I know! I have a facebook friend in Dublin and she has had tons of snow too?? What the heck? So weird. I'm coming with a shovel to take some of yours :)

    I hope to get a bit more decorating this week, and the tree this weekend!

  3. we have had lots of snow in England too and we hardly get any down here normally! I did see there is a lot of snow in the states on the news last night so perhaps you have got some now? Anyway, sending positive happy thoughts re babies. My miracle baby has just turned 3 so it really does happen.

  4. Wonky Warrior, there is snow everywhere but here! Places in the south are getting hammered with it. We're at 7 degrees celcius today. Gross.

    Miracle baby! Is this on your blog? I must go read about it! I can use all the positivity and good stories I can get! Thanks :)