Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sock grips?

So, the intense flare is over, but I'm having lingering pain in my left shoulder and left knee.  And the hip is still stiff, but not as bad as before.  Just preventing me from easily putting on my right sock in the morning.  Am I really going to have to ask my husband to put on my sock for me?  I'm not saying this is a bad thing (cause we all know we need help from time to time.  Or everyday.), it's just that it's one more thing I need help with.  I'm also sleeping much better (as in a couple of hours in a row, yay!) and waking up less stiff.  All in all, not too shabby :)  I'm hoping that the slightly less busy, less frequent travelling in my future will help out with this.

Thanks for everyone's good thoughts and kind words.  They are invaluable to me.  The reason I started this blog was to get and give support, and I am getting it in droves.  Whether that is by you stopping in to comment on one of my posts, or by me reading all of yours.  Thank each and every one of you RA-battling heroes!  You totally rock!


  1. Could be fun, him putting your sock on!! Sorry you're still not feeling totally awesome – hope you get there soon... :) L

  2. Hubby putting on my socks (mainly my right one too!) was my life. Think of it as quick "quality time" in the morning. There are lots of sock aids out there too, but I liked hubby better!

    Glad to hear the tough part of your flare has passed; hope you continue to feel better. xo JZ

  3. Those pesky socks. I have definitely not missed putting them on this summer. My problem with asking for help with my socks is that my feet are so ticklish. :)

    I am glad you are seeing a little improvement. I hope it continues.

  4. You could just not take them off and have showers with them? Hmm..or maybe not! Glad to hear you're improving a little and hopefully will soon be back to normal. Keep us updated! :)

  5. Ewwww, wet socks :) I totally don't have a problem asking for help with the socks, it's just one more thing, ya know? Like, "honey, can you put on my socks, and while you're at it, open this jar, reach this cup and cut this bread, kthnks!".

    Thanks for the warm and fuzzies, all of you!

  6. Your right, Jen, I need to think of it as "quality time" :D Perfect! I knew you would have some advice in the putting-on-socks department!