Thursday, May 13, 2010

Winter May

This was our backyard, this morning.  I wish I had taken a picture last night, when all the trees were still covered.  I think we had near 30 cm of snow yesterday, May 12th.  That's pretty bad even for us Labrador folks.  I don't mind winter, but you can't do anything in this snow.  Here is a picture I took about a month ago:



  1. It snowed here in Scotland on wednesday too!! Only about an inch, but still. It's May!! I think the apocalypse is on its way ;) Hi btw, I really like your blog and your attitude, hope the snow clears soon.

  2. Completely agree about the apocolypse :D Are you in the Highlands? I visited Scotland 11 years ago, hitch-hiking and backpacking. So beautiful :)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Nope, Glasgow - not a hill in sight I'm afraid, just a lot of drunk people. It is gorgeous up there though. I was in Canada last year - didn't quite make it up to Labrador but visited Quebec and Ontario. Loved it, going back next year :)

  4. Holy crap, when Ma and Pa said it had snowed, and the MacDonalds said they had to shovel out their driveways, part of me honestly thought it was a big prank!

    The latest I ever saw snow in GB was May 22, 1993... It was a Saturday, and I was doing my babysitters' course. When we left at 4 PM, there were about five inches on the ground. It was gone after two days, but still.

  5. Ah, I visited Glasgow on my last night there. Beautiful spot. And I may have imbibed while I was there :) Glad you enjoyed Canada! Did you get to Montreal?

    Totally ridiculous Nadine! I'm tired of it. I can't go ski-dooing or ice-fishing in this. I want warm and I NEED sun! It's been weeks...

  6. Oh my. That's a LOT of snow for May! I don't blame you one bit for being bummed. Snow's lovely, but ... MAY??
    We had one final (I hope) little snowstorm Monday afternoon and evening. It was just an inch or so, and it melted soon after the sun rose Tuesday morning. Such ODD weather! I think we can blame it on El Nino, at least here on the Left Coast. I hope the sun comes out and melts all that white away soon, m'dear. How are you feeling, RA-wise?

  7. It is a lot of snow! We have some remaining, but it's headed out. I don't think there is sun in the forecast until monday. Just when I head to Newfoundland, which is more than famous for crappy weather :)

    Since the weather has been all over the place, and I've been travelling my left wrist and left elbow have been pretty active. BUT, my ankle is still doing well! Thank goodness for small miracles (and Humira). I'm glad to hear that your bite wound is healing well! I've been thinking about you and your pup so much lately. I hope you're doing as good as can be! Cheers :)

  8. Imbibe! What a wonderful word (I only just looked it up - you learn something every day eh?)
    Yes we stayed in Montreal for a few days - awesome place!! Loved the old town and in general had so much fun, we were in a hostel and met a big bunch of american kids on spring break, so you can imagine the madness which followed. :) I'd love to go back, or even spend a year in Canada working and travelling. My best friend is over there, she's back in Niagra now but she lived up in Newfoundland for a while, so kind of up your way!