Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pretty please?

OK, so as much as I love snow and winter, can I ask that it not snow too much during the time I am all alone? Please? I'm only asking this cause I find it particularly stressful constantly asking people to shovel my driveway for me. And I'm starting to get a little worried as it has not stopped snowing heavily since tuesday.

Oh god, I just looked at the weather forecast. I'm doomed. 54 to 78 cm between friday and wednesday. Great.


  1. Sorry to hear you are having to deal with all the snow. I am hoping everything works out. I have been away on training for a week or so and just getting back to work. I will have to give you an update on life as soon as I find some time. We will try and send some warmer weather up north for you guys. No promises if it will work or not. Is it Spring yet? Take care of yourself and just know people always want to help those in need and you shouldn't worry about asking for help.

  2. Looking forward to that update, Mike!

    And thanks for the warmer weather! It has been raining here for days. In february. In Labrador. There are roads I am avoiding as they are far TOO flooded for my little car :) It certainly feels like spring, but we shouldn't be getting it until April!

    RA + icy conditions = eeek! I haven't fallen yet. But, I literally took in a container of salt to work with me today to sprinkly in front of me on my walk to the front door.