Monday, December 21, 2009

What in the heck?!?!?!?

Okay. I live in Labrador. That would be in northeastern Canada. It's near the end of December. Connecting all of the aforementioned dots, one would come to the conclusion that there should be snow, right? Well, to be honest, we have snow. What little bit is left is covered in an icy wet sheen from the ridiculous amount of rain and above zero temperatures we've been having.

This sucks at any given Christmas. I'm a girl who likes her snow. I want to go ski-dooing, ice-fishing and snowshoeing (if my ankle cooperates), and just generally enjoying the prettiness that is big, fluffy flakes falling from the sky. What particularly sucks is that we have family coming in for the holidays. Family who should be able to enjoy all that Labrador has to offer in the winter department. Family who should be able to at least go outside without falling and breaking something. I seriously had to be helped to and from the car, it is that treacherous.

Not to mention the fact wild weather changes (cold to snow to rain to warm to wind) wreaks total havoc on my body. MAJOR flare this weekend. Yuck.

In an effort to stay positive I am going to wish for a major dump of snow, all the while still enabling the Labrador highway to be drive able. Is that even possible?

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