Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I'm feeling a little petty and self-absorbed today. One of those, "what is the point of living life like THIS???" days. Now don't worry, I'm alright, just a little blah (and in A LOT pain!).

I have had this window open all morning, slowly working on this post. My goal for this blog (and generally, my life) is to stay as positive as possible. However, everyone gets overwhelmed sometimes, and for me that was this morning. I am sure all women who are planning to have children worry that they will not be good mothers, but with RA added into the mix, things are compounded. How can I possibly take care of a baby when I feel like I did this morning??? I suppose it is about prioritizing. Realizing that not having laundry/dishes/vacuuming done is okay, that letting babies stay in their pyjamas all day is not a big deal, that I won't have to leave the house every single day. And most importantly, that I have a partner who is exactly that: a partner. I guess the biggest thing I have to remind myself is that I am not alone in this.

But, basically:

I love this shirt! You can find them (and soooo many others) online at:

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  1. First off..I am sooo going to buy a t shirt like that. Well, maybe not in pink, but you get the idea. I hope you are over your flare up from last week. I got your message on needing grit's number today. I hate to say he isn't being the friend he needs to be for me right now. I really can't complain though. This falre up is only in my left wrist and shoulder. The wrist I can deal with, but the shoulder pain is damn near unbearable. I did get a workout in this morning but is was not enjoyable in the least bit. I am hoping you and your family enjoyed the Christmas holiday. I am also hoping you found your big fluffy flakes of snow on the ground. We actually had a good bit of snow right before Christmas here in Tennessee. I melted in a couple of days but it was so nice to see the ground covered in white. I hope you are feeling better and one last thing...don't worry about being a good'll be a great'll find a balance in your life regardless. You have a little switch that turns on the minute you hold that little crumb snatcher in your me! Stay warm!