Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Snow

We've had a couple of snowfalls this year, little ones. One in particular a few weeks back that involved waking up to some white on the ground. However, today is THE snowfall! Waking up to that hush, where all sound is masked by fluffiness. Where, even when it is cloudy (obviously! It's snowing!), the light is bright, filling the house. When, as we speak, the neighbours snowblower is going, and the steps and driveway need to be shoveled, to clear away the hump left by the plow.

I, being ever the lazy one, have chosen to stay inside and admire from a distance. We've had a busy weekend, volunteering friday evening and all day saturday at a local fair-trade sale. I'm not sure if it should even be classified as volunteer work, what with our gift certificate and a chance to look around before the masses descended. It was an awesome day, energizingly busy, and a chance to help out with an organization that promotes fair-trade. Time to walk the talk, I guess. But, I need a recovery day. And that day is today.

As I type, the smells of homemade spaghetti sauce and home baked bread are filling the air. What a perfect accompaniment to the weather. I know that the winter here is unbelievably long. That the days are going to continue to get shorter and shorter, to the point of nearly being invisible, and that snow shovelling will not be anywhere near endearing.

But, I love it. I love winter. The snowshoeing, fishing, going to the cabin, ski-dooing, throwing snowballs at the dog/boyfriend :) Winter is just not the same in a city, and for me, life is just not the same without winter.