Friday, October 30, 2009

Babies, babies, oh my!!

It's starting to feel really real. The whole baby thing. Not that it didn't feel real before, but something has been solidified. We had an appointment with my regular doc yesterday with the focus of informing him of our plan, asking a few questions, and asking for a referral to an ob/gyn (with whom I already have an appointment!!! Fast work, indeed!).

Now, it's not like I'm expecting the pregnancy to automatically be difficult, or scary. But, I want to be prepared in case it is. What if I'm not in the high percentage of women whose RA gets better? What if it gets worse? What meds are safe to take? Any??? I just want a good established relationship with an obstetrician BEFORE I get pregnant to avoid any delays when I get pregnant.

I just spent an afternoon in the company of some great women, and especially, some great kids. It was really nice getting the phone call from the doctor's office with my appointment date, then going back out and seeing these cuties and thinking, "this could be me, soon" :) Now I get to spend an evening with some great friends, good food, and one rockin', stompin' baby.

Happiness :)

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