Monday, November 5, 2012

Fifth Time's a Charm?

This afternoon I will be receiving my first infusion of Orencia.  I am nervous and excited.  What if I have a reaction?  What if it is the med that works for me?  So many questions and thoughts are racing through my head this morning, negative and positive.  I can't help but think that this is my fifth biologic I've tried in the course of my nearly 13 year history with RA.  This is getting tiresome, but I am still hopeful.

I've been able to get out walking again, which has been a miracle for my mental and physical health.  Both of my ankles are hit by RA and as you know, this makes walking a pain in the butt (and ankles).  I discovered that walking in Bogs, a rubber boot, somehow gives me the exact arch and ankle support I need to head out for a hike.  I never thought I would be choosing a rubber boot over my beloved hikers, but there you go.

So, T-Minus two hours til infusion time.  Dom is coming to keep me company, and the infusion room is pretty nice: comfy chair, windows and a kitchen.  I can do this.


  1. Oh good luck Pony!! I hope this is the one for you. 13 years is a long time to wait for one that works. Glad you were able to go for a hike, being stuck inside is really depressing. Let us know how you got on!

  2. How did it go? How do you feel? I really hope this works for you!!!

  3. Thanks gals! I've had two infusions so far and they went very well! No major reactions other than some stomach issues that may or may not be a side effect. So far so good!