Thursday, August 2, 2012

Where's My Ice Cream?

What is up with getting ready for vacation and needing a vacation from all that getting-readiness?  I feel like I haven't stopped (to any relaxing degree) in days.  Cleaning, packing, laundry, stressing over leaving the pup.  Someone is coming in to stay and look after the mutt and I feel like I need to clean extra, cause, you know.  Nobody needs to see my chaos.  Also?  It is really hot here.  I know I shouldn't be complaining, as some places actually have dangerous heat, but 32 degrees Celsius is hot enough.  Not to mention I am Inuit living in the North.  I'm only typing this post as I forced myself to sit for awhile, and cool down after doing the dishes and bringing laundry in off the line.

I may only be working part-time, but there is a part of me that's thinking it's kind of awesome to be so busy right before leaving, making me feel like I may actually deserve a vacation.  Scratch that.  I TOTALLY deserve a vacation.  I may have traveled a lot in the past year, but I could barely move and it hurt like hell.  This is my first trip in years (that may be an over-estimation) that does not involve work, or doctors, or bone saws.  Bring it vacay.  Montreal with all your glorious food, St. Jean-Sur-Richelieu with your hot air balloon festival, and Hampton Beach - you better have ice cream waiting for me.


  1. Sounds like a well-deserved vacation to me!! Have fun and eat LOTS of ice cream and yummy food. Cheers to pain-free (well, at least much less painful)travels!


  2. Totally missed this post; am sooooo behind on checking up on all the blogs. Hope you had tons of fun in Montreal, ate some poutine, and didn't die of the FREAKIN' HEAT!!! (Thank god it's gotten cooler again; I couldn't take it any more!).

    :) L