Friday, July 29, 2011

Belly Braggin'

Guess what I've been eating, huh?  Strawberries from my garden.  That's right, I have my own patch of tasty little morsels in my very own yard.  And, yes, I know people have been eating strawberries for a little while now this summer.  BUT, I live in Labrador people, and it's pretty amazing to eat something out of my yard when it's not even August yet (which is in a couple of days, but whatever).  It's not exactly the tropics around here.

I think I could be at least documenting some of my garden on camera so I could physically show off to people...I'll get on that.  In the meantime, here is a picture of a patch of strawberries not in my garden (and my patch doesn't have that many red yet.  It's still Labrador.  While it's 28 degrees Celsius this week, it was 7 degrees Celsius last week.  I've only eaten maybe 6 strawbs thus far):

                                                            You are the sunshine of my life


  1. ooo amazing! im growing chillies at the moment.. i dont have a garden just my window sill. but i'm hoping to grow some cherry tomatoes next year. :)

  2. Strawberries are one of my favs! Yummy, yum, yum! Enjoy and I know your bounty will only grow and grow :-)

  3. Delicious! Though I admit when I saw the post title I thought you were going to be talking about something else... :)