Monday, June 20, 2011

Good Things...

1.  Summer, though the temperatures are a little on the low side.  On the upswing, though!

2.  Sunflower seed butter.  Melty on my oatmeal.  Who knew??

3.  The tulips in the strawberry patch.

4.  The strawberry patch, for that matter.

5.  A three day work week coming up.  Monday and Friday off.  Sa-weet!!

5.  Having clear fallopian tubes.  Truly under-rated, and pretty key in this baby-makin' business :)


  1. Hooray for #5!!!! *sends a bajillion hugs*

  2. Good things are always great to read. Thanks for sharing your good things, especially number 5. EXCITING!!!


  3. Dude, awesome news!! Go fallopian tubes! I have a 3 day week too, they are actually the best. Someone should write to the government and sort that out permanently.

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