Monday, April 11, 2011

Slow and Steady Drops the Pounds

Just popping in to brag that I am down about four pounds!!  This has happened in the past month, so about a pound a week, which is pretty reasonable.  Especially considering the flares I've been having (in my hip!!!  NOOOO!!!!!), coupled with the icy conditions (aka, little walking for me) spring often brings.  My focus has been on my serving sizes, and I've even been eating treats (of the ice cream and cream egg varieties).

I'm assuming all my hard work will be undone as this Friday, Dom and I are off on a road trip to the Montreal area for 10 days!!  Aside from family time, all our plans revolve around food:  Dom's favourite pizza place; crazy poutine (involving coleslaw - don't knock it til you've tried it!  I knocked it, then tried it and am now contrite); SUGAR SHACK (that deserves bold letters cause they revolve around maple syrup, my crack, if you will); various other lovely restaurants; grocery shopping for non existent in Labrador foods; and I'm assuming crepes made by the ma-in-law :)

The last time I was in Montreal in April (2008), it looked like this:

Sunshine, warm temps, lovely outdoor cafe with amazing brie-honey sandwiches, awesome shirt borrowed from friend, awesome baby borrowed from friend....perfect spring day!


  1. Awww Montreal! Jealous!! I was there in 2009 and had THE best time. It was in March though so still pretty chilly.
    Good going on the 4 pounds, that's pretty impressive. I need to shed 7. So what have you been doing, just having smaller portions? I am TERRIBLE at portions, I always make tons.

    Sorry to hear about the hip flares, how frustrating. Hopefully this wee trip away will revitalise you :)

    ps. cute pic, who's the little guy?

  2. OMG, you'll be soooo close!!! Let me know when you're going and I'll steal the car away from Andrew and go on a road trip with Henry for the day!!! *squeeeeee*

  3. Oh god, Squirrel, words cannot describe my love of Montreal!! You should go back when it's warm! Heaven!

    I really have only been reducing portions. I' a pretty big eater, so I'm still eating tons, just slightly less than usual :)

    Oh, and the baby is Noah, a dear friends little boy. Only this picture is three years old, so he is getting to be a pretty big boy :) Cuteness parade for sure!

    Nadine, are you for real??? I'm writing you a proper email right now to discuss this!

  4. My husband and I often discuss which part of canada would we be best fitted to with my RA and his desire to take in as much of the country in one visit as we can. Maybe even if for only a weekend. It's not that far from Indiana. I would love to hear of your trip!! Have a wonderful trip and BRAVA for your weight loss. I believe however, you threw your 4lbs my way as that is exactly what I gained. Not to worry though. I usually gain 5 in the flare stage then loose it again when things settle down. Glad to have found your blog again. Gentle hugs. Tammy