Thursday, March 10, 2011

Not About Bikinis...

Sigh.  As a staunch feminist I don't advocate for "perfect" bodies.  I love all shapes and sizes, and believe that health and happiness can be at any weight.  However, in the past year and a half (or so) I've gained about 20 pounds.  I think I have been eating a bit more crap than what I used to, but the real culprit is my drop in physical activity.  I used to walk everywhere, snowshoe, elliptical, hike, generally build up a sweat on a daily basis.  But, with this dumb ankle, and dumb hip, I just can't maintain that level anymore.

I wasn't underweight to begin with, so I'm not too into the idea of carrying around a bunch of extra weight on my already stressed out ankle.  I don't think I'm at a weight (around 155 at 5'3 and a half) that is really impacting my health, other than my joints.  I've also been thinking that when (not if!) I get pregnant, that's a bunch more impact added to my poor joints.  So, folks, I'm on a very healthy mission to lose about 15-20 pounds.  I'm trying to incorporate more activity into my life (much more regular walking and hopefully I'll get back to my Pilate's), but the real change has to be my food intake.  Dom and I are generally super healthy eaters, I guess I just eat too much.  So, lately I've been cutting down sizes and really trying to pay attention to my body and what it needs.  It hasn't been horrific thus far and I have eaten some amazing food.

I just hate being a woman talking about losing weight!  Somehow I feel like I am going against so much of what I believe in.  Except, I believe in being healthy and I don't feel healthy at this weight (my ankle sure doesn't!).  So, hell no, I'm not on a diet!  I guess I'm just trying to be more intuitive.  Anyone have any good vibes to send my way?  I can still be a feminist if I want to lose weight for my health, right?


  1. only if you make sure you're burning your bra regularly while you do it! :P

    good luck with the 'non-diet'.. need to get me one of those!

  2. Ha ha! I do hate bras :) Funnily enough, that's the one area that I DON'T gain weight so I don't really need 'em anyway ;D

    So far, so good. Listening to your body is hard, but I'm learning it can be done!

  3. Not only did I identify with this post, but I thought I could have wrote it. I am bemoaning the fact that I have gained about 20 pounds in the last year which coincides with my official diagnosis of RA. I have all but stopped working out. Especially since I injured my left ankle in September and currently going to physical therapy to get it rehabbed. I also have a sore hip and these two main things have stopped my dance classes in their tracks. So I am trying to become more active now that the weather is warming so I can shed these pounds which may be contributing to some other ailments. Going to doctor Tuesday to find out if I have injured my ribs. Sigh. So I would like move around the rolls and back fat before I have to buy a new swimsuit. And I have never dieted and yes, I too have eaten more junk than normal. So I guess the lifting of my hand to face is not a workout?

  4. being healthy isn't being anti-feminist. it's being pro-YOU. good luck getting back in shape...i am coming off a bad RA year but hopeful that things are looking up.

  5. Thanks all! I've come to terms with the fact that it is totally cool. My health has to be a priority, and my ankle/hip health is included in that :)

    Oh, abfab, why can't lifting hand to mouth not be a workout?? I'd be soooo fit!

    Clare, I hope you have a much better RA year :)