Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Munsch on this!

Well, well, well!  For any Canadian, or any children's book lover for the matter, the name Robert Munsch might ring a bell.  He's the beloved author of such books as: Love You Forever, 50 Below Zero, and my personal favourite The Paperbag Princess.  He is a prolific writer, and I have been loving him since I was a child.

Well, just a couple of months ago I found out about a story competition.  A competition hosted by Scholastic in which three unpublished stories based in communities in Canada vie for the most votes.  The winning story will be Robert Munsch's latest publication AND Mr. Munsch himself will go to the community to launch the book.

So, one of the competing towns just happened to be my hometown of Rigolet, Labrador.  I voted my little heart out, I told everybody about it (except here, which is totally ridiculous), and blasted it on my facebook at random times.  The winner was announced on November 1st.  Can you guess what community won?  Really, can you???  That's right, little ol' Rigolet took it!!  My beautiful hometown of about 350 people will have a children's book published with a story set there.  I'm so proud!

Anyway, I really just wanted to boast about my little town, we were competing against some much bigger communities, but really went all out to vote and win this thing.  To further give evidence of how small my town is, and just how cool this win is, here is a not-so-great, but completely community encompassing pic.  Yup, it is that small:


  1. I love small towns. So much gets lost in larger towns or worse yet, cities. Small towns still want beckon back to the old ways and there is something very comforting in that. Hugs. Tammy

  2. Oh! How exciting!! Congratulations!! I LOVE children's books. The entry room in my house looks like a children's library. I am always hitting used bookstores and garage sales for hidden treasure. I'm so thrilled for you!

  3. Small and so beautiful, Pony. What a wonderful, whimsical honor! Congratulations--and do be sure to let us know when the book set in Rigolet is published. :oD