Monday, June 28, 2010

Dear Mother Nature

Please send some warm and sunny weather our way.  Not to be a Negative Nelly but I'm kinda cold, slightly depressed due to lack of sunshine, and a little tired of having to wear full-length pants and sweaters all the time when it is nearly July.  I understand that rain is really important for warding off forest fires, especially in this fire-laden area of the world.  However, I feel that we can come to a mutual agreement that a couple of nice days in a row may not be too dangerous?  Even if you are worried about fires, perhaps you could warm it up just a little?  All of this rain would be a bit more bearable if it weren't so frigid.  I promise to be better at enjoying your wondrous beauty, weeding my garden, and as an extra bonus I will actually get to use my clothesline.

Much love and many thanks,

P.S.  I think you are really pretty when you showcase ALL the different types of weather you possess.  Not just the cold and rainy days.


  1. I'd send some warmth your way if I could, but we're going from a humidex of 34°C today to a high of 19°C tomorrow – what's with that?? Such bizarre shifts we've had. Oh well, last week it was earthquakes and tornadoes, so I can't complain! :) L

  2. I would try to send you some CA sunshine, which I'm sure, somewhere in CA there is some, but not here. We are still experiencing June Gloom on the coast. Fingers crossed for some warmer, friendly weather for you!

    xo, Jenn

  3. I guess the weather is just plain ridiculous everywhere. And, Laurie, I agree, at least it's not earthquakes and tornadoes! Scary stuff!

  4. We've had lovely weather for two weeks, very unusual for Scotland! But it's pissing it down today.. ho hum. I hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's hoping we all get some sunshine tomorrow.

  5. Two weeks of sunshine in Scotland??? What is the world coming to, lol! I hope you get many more days like that, Squirrel! A nice, sunny day certainly helps when you have a crap disease like RA.