Sunday, October 7, 2012

Giving Thanks

It's Thanksgiving weekend up here in these parts.  I'm currently lounging around in a fluffy robe, after having got up the butt-crack of dawn to see off Dom.  No, he's not heading out of town, he was off to catch a bus that would take him to the starting line of his first marathon.  Sometimes I wonder how well matched we really are?  Dude is going to run for nearly four hours today and I can barely walk across the parking lot. 

But, I can walk across a parking lot, without crutches, without a wheelchair.  I can go stand at the finish line and cheer in my sweet love.  For this I am thankful.  I have to keep reminding myself that things could be worse.  Even at my bleakest, this-crap-sucks times, it could be worse.  I am thankful I have access to great, free health care; that surgeries and medicine exist that make my life better; that technology has advanced so much that I have a community of others at my fingertips who know exactly what I'm talking about, without ever having to get off my comfy couch; and especially for my family and friends (crackpots though they may be - running for HOURS - crazytown).

And, turkey. Oh, the turkey that will be consumed today.  And, pie.  Let us not forget pie.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Six Months

Six months ago yesterday my body changed yet again.  I lost some old, worn out pieces, and gained some new porcelain and metal ones.  As my body continues to become less and less human, these pieces of man-made material enable me to live a happier life.  Enable me to feel more human, more capable. 

Six months ago my life changed, I can honestly say that.

Now, if only the rest of my body would get the memo.