Monday, January 24, 2011

Just A Quickie

I'm just popping in to brag:  IT'S SNOWING!!!!!   I know for many this isn't something to be so excited about, but I truly am!  I know I'm not the one who has to shovel it, but still.  It's so beautiful and calming, and besides, it helps to insulate houses from the -20C temps we've been having in these parts.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

For Squirrel!

In my last post I mentioned snowshoeing, my beloved winter activity.  Squirrel, over at Feelin' Swell: My Life With RA, questioned me as to what the heck this actually is.  Well, far be it from me to get over-excited and blab on and on about snowshoeing!

For starters, here are a few pics of me snowshoeing over Christmas break:
In the top photo you can see the Franster joining me in a pose while modeling her Christmas bandanna (yes I am a nerd who puts a bandanna on her dog!).  And, the bottom is an action shot.  We don't have much snow, but I was desperate to get out! :)

Basically snowshoeing is the use of snowshoes to be able to walk on snow, distributing weight evenly to avoid sinking into it too deeply.  This is pretty key for places that get many feet/metres of snow.   Snowshoes are traditionally a wooden, ovalish frame with woven rawhide (or rope, or any other long rope-like thing).  Modern snowshoes are metal, no real weaving, and are generally smaller.  I can't really see them working in very deep snow, due to their size.  These are not for me.  I like the wooden/woven ones.

(Here is where I would insert a close-up pic of a more traditional snowshoe, but blogger is being a jerk.  Instead here is a wikipedia link to have a look at one type of snowshoe).

Snowshoeing is my favourite form of exercise, it is my favourite way to burn calories, to socialize, to de-stress, to walk the dog, to re-energize and to enjoy the outdoors.  When I couldn't snowshoe last year, due to my dumb ankle, I cried.  When I tried again this year, and was able to do it, I cried again.  I am in no way an exercise lover (I am in fact, quite lazy), but there is something about it that enthralls me.  It works my muscles like crazy, while simultaneously linking me to nature (I live in Labrador for a reason).

As, I type this I look out the window to see snow softly falling, a promise of snowshoe days to come.  This truly is my bliss.  Thanks for the opportunity to share this, Squirrel!

Friday, January 14, 2011


Trying to find the energy, or something, to write a proper blog post....and not quite getting there.  I've even been doing terrible at reading other's posts!  I feel neglectful of this sad blog, and the community that I get so much support from.  And, it's not that I don't have anything to write about: intense flare in my right knee, rendering it's resemblance to a watermelon to be a shade too scary; a wonderful, relaxing Christmas; being able to snowshoe again (thank goodness!!!); and my continuing rant about the state of the environment (i.e. the crappy/warm/rainy/snowless weather we've been having.  Which also leads to a rant about being physically able to snowshoe again, but lacking the actual snow to do it).  Other than that, it's all boring around here :)